The Glitz n Glam

Mobile / On location Hair Services

Specializing in the latest non damaging extensions.They are individually done strand by strand for a natural look and feel. FUSION & MICROLINKS are the methods are used.

Fusion: Individual pieces of extension hair that are tipped with a natural keratin glue are attached to individual pieces of the natural hair by using a special heated tool

Microlink: Individual pieces of extension hair are attached to individual pieces of natural hair with an aluminum bead that is lined with silicone that protects natural hair from breakage. The bead is then securely closed with a special tool

All extensions last up to 4 months before they need to be re done, time frame depends on hair growth and hair maintenance

* All new extension clients receive a complementary looped extension hair brush that is a necessity to the maintenance of the extensions

Top quality100%  remi human hair is available 

Extensions are great to * add volume / thickness * add length * add color without chemically processing your natural hair

Clip-ins also available, great for temporary styling such as bridal